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Offering professional landscaping services 

for all of our customers. 

Welcome to Alvaro Tree Service

This business is our world, and we strive to build a unique, long-lasting relationship with all of our customers. Please feel free to contact us so we can help you create and/or maintain your outdoor landscaping.

We are licensed and insured


We work closely with our customers to transform their landscaping into their exact realities.  We have knowledgeable staff with years of experience to cater to our customers every want.

Many times the transformation of ones landscaping can be very messy and a bit noisy, but we believe that communication is the key to ease the burden on the homeowner.

 We ultimately want happy and satisfied customers. So let Alvaro Tree Service be the one to help with any and all of your landscaping needs.


Make your business stand out with gorgeous outdoor environments that will help make your customers experience an exceptional one. 

Alvaro Tree Service will go above and beyond to create the ideal landscape for all of your properties needs.


General trimming and upkeep are needed to keep your property looking good and healthy all year round. Alvaro Tree Service has knowledgeable staff with 20+ years of experience.

We offer a wide variety of services to help with installing or just simply maintaining your existing trees and palms.

Ultimately, we are able to help with creating a new landscape around your existing trees or installing new trees. We can also help with removal and stump grinding of existing trees as well. 

 Tree and Landscaping Service

 Call today for a free quote!

Phone: (239) 440-9263 or (239) 822-4875              

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